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About DarkMatter Productions

In 2002, Nate Jones started a brainchild with Nick Ware that later became BurningRing Media. Fastforward to 2016, Nate departed from BurningRing Media to focus solely on projects he wished to pursue.


And so DarkMatter Productions was born.


Bringing on team members previously associated with BurningRing and new additions to help, the sole focus of DarkMatter Productions is to write, shoot, edit and screen feature films.

With expertise in corporate video, music video, feature film and web series', DarkMatter Productions features a crew consisting of:

“Novelists have always had complete freedom to pretty much tell their story any way they saw fit. And that's what I'm trying to do.”

– Quentin Tarantino


Nate started in the filmmaking business during secondary school. The task he was given was to make a music video. To this day, that video is used by the school as "how not to make a music video". It was awful.


Fastforward to 2011, Nate started a course at Canterbury College. His first task was to make a music video. This time around, Nate earned a Distinction for just how good it was. During the course, Nate completed a range of videos from documentaries to adverts.

Nate also started getting into Nude Art Photography as a hobby, which became an equal passion upon leaving college.

All imagery can be viewed at this link.

Throughout this time, Nate worked with Nick Ware to form BurningRing Media. After a popular webshow and frequent films created for local events, 2016 saw Nate leave BurningRing Media to go his own way.

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